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DELL Modules
In-House courses to be offered by Digital English Language Lab

Building Blocks of English Language

1st Module :

Building Vocabulary : The Programme aims at encouraging students to develop a wide all-purpose vocabulary. By the end of the programme, students would have understanding of a categorised list of around 1500 words and phrases supplied with definitions and/or translations.

2nd Module:

Essential Grammar : This module is designed to enhance grammatical competence in students. The approach would be more practical than theoretical. Students would be taught fundamental grammar of words and sentences.

3rd Module :

Expressions : The Programme aims at encouraging students to develop a specific structural, literary and rhetorical vocabulary. Students shall be taught phrasal verbs, idioms, proverbs, sayings and some of the literary devices. They will be exposed to art of rhetoric too. By the end of the programme students would have a great deal of command over what they say.

4th Module :

Conversation : This Programme aims at stimulating a spirit of articulation. Participants would be initiated into simulated conversations modelled from real life situations. Participants shall also be given exposure into basic conducts and etiquettes.

Step up Your Professional Skills

5th Module :

Business English : This Programme aims at standardising business communications. Participants shall be taught a specific terminology of business and corporate jargons.  They will be exposed to art of formal writing, creating power point presentations, etiquettes of telecommunication, résumé writing, how to face interviews, group discussions and public speaking.

6th Module :

Conceptual Grammar : This module is designed to develop learner’s language proficiency through grammar. In this module participants would be trained into in-depth and conceptual knowhow of language.

7th Module :

Written English :This module is designed to improve students’/researchers’ writing skills. They will be taught writing rules and tips, citation guidelines, quotations, four steps of good writing – prewriting, writing, revising and editing, formatting and designing documents, punctuation and spelling, style, word choice. By the end of the course students would have had first-hand experience with feature writing, article writing, researching for thesis etc...

8th Module :

English for TOEFL and IELTS :This module is designed following guidelines of British Council and IDP. Students will be given practical training into all four modules of these exams – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Complementary Expertise

9th Module :

Basic Writing Skills : They will be taught four steps of good writing – prewriting, writing, revising and editing. They'll also be taught formatting and designing documents, punctuation and spelling, word choice etc...

10th Module:

Speed-reading Techniques : Students will be trained in to reading techniques so that they can improve their reading speed and be more focused on the content.

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