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Digital English Language Lab
  "The illiterate of the 21th century will not those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn"
Alan Toffler ...

What are Language Labs ?

Language Labs offer a variety of function such as recording, student monitoring, group discussion in addition to teaching basic grammar and vocabulary the digital way. They also make use of visual aids for display of English movies, thus making learning fun and enjoyable and also teaching practical utilization of the language. These labs cater to the requirements of students of all faculties from different rural and urban backgrounds. Qualified college teachers have been specially trained to teach in a neutral accent with provisions for British and American accents to aid students to be acquainted with respective accents.

Mission :

"English is destined to be in the next and succeeding centuries more generally the language of the world than Latin was in the last or French is in the present age." These were the words John Adams, U.S. President. Today we see them materialised as English which has in fact become the world language.

We, at Dr V R Godhania English Language Lab, are committed to generate in students competence, confidence and creative attitude towards the language in order to enable them to meet the world as mighty equals.

Goals :

The Digital English Langauge Learning(DELL) paradigm has undergone a complete modification in today's scenaro. The liberalization of the Indian economy has ushered in all kinds of reasons to learn the English language. In this direction, the Office of the Commissioner, Higher Education has undertaken a major project of establishing state-of-the-art Spoken English Language Laboratories across Gujarat. The nodal agency in this venture is Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University.

The aim of these fully computerized, modem laboratories is to make students English proficient and therefore open up a whole new spectrum of job opportunities for the youth of the state. These labs are a quantum jump towards achieving Global Employability.

Benefits :

Today, with the rapid expansion of service sector, job opportunities in the state have increased considerably. Call centers need employees with effective communication skills; multi-nationals require marketing staff with fluent English, Medical Transcription Centers, IT, Mass Medium Insurance Sector, Retail Management are all on the look-out for persons with reasonable English communication skills. The main thrust of these laboratories is functional English rather then literary English, hence the major gap between English proficiency and employment is proposed to be bridged.

Courses offered
No. Title Modules Included
1 Building Blocks Vocabulary + Essential Grammar
2 Exam-Weapons Vocabulary + Essential Grammar + Writing Skills + Speed reading + Comprehension
3 For Apprentices Essential grammar + Conceptual Grammar + Writing Skills + Speed Reading
4 Corporate Pack Expression + Essential Grammar + Business English
5 For Coming Women Vocabulary + Essential Grammar + Expression + Conversation + Writing Skills
6 Complete Suite Vocabulary + Expression + Essential Grammar + Conversation + Conceptual Grammar + Writing Skills + Speed Reading Techniques
7 Highflyers Vocabulary + TOEFLS or IELTS Course + Writing Skills + Speed Reading Techniques

Course and Certifications :

Language Labs all over Gujarat follow a uniform syllabus which has been designed according to the requirements of students in Gujarat by an expert team of ELT. Teachers.

Examinations are conducted by a team of expert examiners specially trained in the field of ELT. After successful completion,the student shall be awarded a certificate by Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedker Open University.

Activities :

Dr. V R Godhania Digital English Language Lab. is home not just to English Language learning but also to culture studies, and media studies. This being the first year of the lab. we have more to explore than to expose. However, the primary goal of the DELL is to teach students English language. We have devised courses keeping in mind various take off points of various student groups.

Besides, we also intend to be a cultural hub for Saurashtra. Our projections include forming of a Theatre which would be producing plays both, original and adaptations, in all three languages - regional (Gujarati), National (Hindi) and International (English).

Career Labs :

A unique feature of these labs is a finishing school or career Lab where students are groomed to face interviews, taught proper body language, presentation skills, as well as etiquette.

Eligibility Criteria :

Level-1 : Foundation Course : S.S.C. (With or without English)
Level-2 : Certificate Course : H.S.C. (With English)
Level-3 : Diploma Course : Graduation

Sr. No. Course Fees Per Students Details Fees
01 Building Vocabulary 700.00
02 Basic English 1,000.00
03 SCOPE - A Level 1,350.00
04 SCOPE - B Level 1,350.00
05 Basic English + Building Vocabulary 1,500.00
06 SCOPE - A Level + Building Vocabulary 2,000.00
07 Spoken English 2,000.00
Only Assessment Details Fees
01 Level - A 200.00
02 Level - B 300.00
E-Library Details Fees
01 E-Library 50.00

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