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An Institute Re-accredited Grade B (2.84) by NAAC
of Arts, Commerce, Home Science and Information Technology for Girls, Porbandar (Gujarat - 360575)
Phone : 0286 2247709 (Office Hourse : 7:15 A.M. to 12:40 P.M.)

Managed By: Shri Maldevji Odedra Smarak Trust, Porbandar.
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The Library of Dr V. R. Godhaniya College is built up within an area of 2700 square feet. There are 52 cupboards and 8 giant reading tables in the library. Almost 80 to 100 students can sit and read books at a time.

  • Library Department Information
  • Rules & Regulations

    1. College library remains open from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for the Faculty of Arts / Commerce and Home Science and from 1:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for the Faculty of Information & Technology, B.Ed / M.A (English)/ M.Sc(I.T & C.A)/ IGNOU.

    2. Readers shall maintain absolute order and complete silence in the library.

    3. Students permitted to use the library, shall not tear off pages, disfigure or deface by writing in margins or by underlining in books, periodicals, maps or charts.

    4. No personal belongings shall be allowed to be carried by the readers beyond the issue counter.

    5. A book once issued, is allowed to be kept for 15 days. A member, therefore will have to return the book within the stipulated time limit.

    6. If a member requires to keep the same book for a longer period than the prescribed time limit, he/she will have to return it first within that time limit. Afterwards, if possible, it shall be issued again.

    7. If books issued to a member are found defaced, mutilated or torn at the time of return, he/she will have to replace them or pay the price of it. Students are, therefore, advised to scrutinize books thoroughly before getting them issued.

    8. No tracing or mechanical reproduction of any book, map or manuscript shall be made without the written permission of the concerned authority.

    9. If a book issued is lost by a member, he/she will have to pay its price according to the price list of the Library Register.

    10. Periodicals are not issued to the students. They are allowed to read them in the library itself during free periods.

    11. College authority reserves the right to cancel the membership of irregular students.

    12. Any violation of the Library Rules shall render a member lose his/her privilege of borrowing books from the library.

    13. Enrollment for Borrowing Books: A student will register himself/herself in the library at the beginning of the academic session with his/her fee receipt and identity card.

    Grant in aid Department (G.I.A.)
    No. Subjects No. of Books
    1 Bhasha Vigyan 175
    2 Biography 343
    3 Commerce 2628
    4 Computer 536
    5 Economics 603
    6 English 3269
    7 Hindi 2705
    8 Gujarati 5189
    9 Sanskrit 1245
    10 Home Science 819
    11 Law 20
    12 Medical 115
    13 Lok Sahitya 184
    14 Psychology 265
    15 Sociology 886
    16 Travelogue 97
    17 Dictionary 101
    18 General Knowledge 409
    19 Education 73
    20 Others 73
      Total 19735

    Download : Annual Report, 2014-15

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